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Natural pet foods for dog and cat

Prins Petfoods is a family-owned pet food manufacturer from the Netherlands. For over 50 years we have specialised in producing 100 per cent natural premium dog and cat food, responding to their various changing needs. Currently we are market leader in pressed dog food in the Netherlands. Our range also includes extruded kibbles, frozen commercial raw dog food and dry and wet cat food. At Prins Petfoods, respect for people and animals is self-evident. Our products are developed entirely without animal testing and are free of aroma additives, colourings and flavourings. We distribute our products to all Dutch chain stores along with individual pet shops. Prins contributes to a complete lifestyle. We call it a lifestyle, because we've made it our mission to offer pets and owners a valuable Prins experience, at every stage of the pet's life. At Prins, the sharing of knowledge and professional advice are held in the highest regard. We take great pride, therefore, in our customer service. The Prins CareTeam can be contacted regarding any questions about pet food or pet care, pet nutrition, or generally about the health and behaviour of dogs and cats. For all animal lovers who own a pet or take a professional interest in animals, Prins has founded the EduPet education centre. Here we provide extensive practical courses given by leading guest speakers. At Prins, the welfare of pets always comes first. We are currently expanding our passion across national borders and continuously search for partners that can fully represent our brand and values. Therefore, we actively invite potential partners to consider the options and benefits of working with us.




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