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The global demand for meat is increasing, and this is set to cause significant environmental problems in the foreseeable future. Replacing part of meat consumption with insects could reduce the negative consequences. One third of the global population already eats insects - why shouldn't pets do so too?

MjAMjAM Insect is the sustainable alternative to conventional wet food. Less water, living space and farmland are used in the production of our insect pet food than in conventional meat production, and CO2 emissions are 92 per cent lower.What makes MjAMjAM insect pet food so nutritious? A balanced amino acid profile, a high level of nutrients and minerals, and healthy, unsaturated fatty acids make this product easily digestible. This means it helps ensure a healthy gut and is good for your pet's metabolism. Cats also love the nutty flavour.

The company's vision has now been recognised with a German Sustainability Award in the "Design" category: "We are immensely proud of this accolade", the company states.


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