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Mac's Mono Hund in a new design

Mac's Mono Hund, Pro Pet Koller, Mac's

The first products under the Mac's brand now come in a new design, with the dry food range Mac's Hund Mono as the forerunner for canine products.

The design focuses on the fresh ingredients, which highlight the top quality of the product. Friendly colours characterise the different varieties, while the uniform background creates a harmonious impression across the range. The unique products contain just one source of animal protein and no other animal fats, making them ideal for dogs with a sensitive digestion or allergies. To complement the dry food, all varieties are also available as moist food in tins, or as a tasty treat for in between meals. This makes it possible to feed a mix of dry and moist food plus treats without difficulty.

All products are free of grain, poultry fat and potatoes. With added vitamins, herbs and healthy fats, the Mono range is a superfood that offers a healthy, delicious alternative for dogs with intolerances. The new products are available in the flavours Horse, Rabbit and Duck.


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