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Josera production is 100% climate-neutral

Josera, pet food Made in Germany, Sustainability

Feeding with Josera means feeding with best-quality food and a clear conscience. For almost 80 years, the brand has specialised in first-class pet food 'Made in Germany'. Josera takes responsibility not only for pet health but also for people and the environment.

Sustainability plays a very important role for the company. That is why it is a major milestone for Josera to have set up its entire production process to be climate-neutral. To this end, many measures have been implemented on site: state-of-the-art production facilities, regional raw materials and suppliers, electricity generation using the primary energy efficiency of the company's own power plant, and the storage of products in a high-bay warehouse made of regionally-sourced PEFC-certified wood.

The Ntakata Mountains forest conservation project in Tanzania compensates for all unavoidable emissions on site. Josera has been actively involved for many years on behalf of the inhabitants, flora and fauna of an area comprising 216,000 hectares.


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