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House of brands and home for pets

The Belgian pet supplies specialist Laroy Group started out more than 50 years ago as a small wholesaler. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Laroy family, the business landed an early and still surviving partnership with Iams-Eukanuba (now Spectrum Brands) for Belgium and has kept on growing ever since. Among other things, it acquired egg food specialist CéDé, created its own pet brand Duvo+, brought Dutch pet food producer Witte Molen on board in 2013 and welcomed Europet Bernina International into the group at the end of 2015. As its latest achievement, the Laroy family and ex-Flamingo owner Erwin Van Tendeloo partnered up at the end of 2016 to help Flamingo Pet Products rise from the ashes of the Karlie-Flamingo debacle.

So what's next? The company is committed to realising its "house of brands" and "home for pets" visions in the next few years by providing trade partners, consumers and pets with a desirable multi-brand and multi-segment portfolio of basic, added-value and guilty pleasure products and by sharing knowledge with guardians and trade partners. To achieve this, earnings are fully reinvested in people and projects which improve the wellbeing of pets and their guardians. Check from World Animal Day onwards (4th October) for a better idea of how the story is developing. 


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