High-quality pet food producer

high-premium rodent food, treats, litter, treats for dogs

More than an important European rodent breeding centre, located in the heart of the French countryside, LE CLOSEAU is one of the principal producers of high-premium rodent food, treats and litter and also high-quality treats for dogs under its commercial brand HAMIFORM, but also under the brands of the main specialist French and European distributors. The company has been providing technical, innovative, practical and design accessories for dogs and cats for a number of years, and now also the famous cosmetics products ANJU BEAUTE, recognised as top luxury and quality cosmetics pro­ducts worldwide for pets. Always looking for inno­vation and perpetually evolving in its own market, Le Closeau brings its dynamics and knowledge to more than 5 000 points of sale in Europe and Asia. The growth of Le Closeau in the pet market over the years, through recognition of the quality of its products by professionals and consumers, has enabled it to launch a new range of dog treats this year centred on four main themes: emotion, education, health and activity. Nutritionists and veterinarians who worked on these products have taken special care by studying the effects of all special ingredients on food balance. Experience has given Le Closeau a certain maturity in its knowledge and understanding of the market, but has also enabled it to gain competitive advantages in terms of logistics performance, capacity of response and adaptation and quality in production.


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