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Healthy and natural animal feed

Kräuter Mix, plant blends for pets

Kräuter Mix, a company based in Abtswind/Germany, has been producing air-dried, plant-based raw materials since 1919. Its wide assortment - medicinal plants, culinary herbs, vegetables and spices from conventional or controlled organic production - contains individual ingredients and blends that are important in a balanced diet for animals. "The quality and safety of our natural products is our top priority," says managing partner Christoph Mix.

Kräuter Mix gently refines the raw materials, which are cultivated and collected around the globe, at its processing plants, where they are cut, ground, sliced, julienned, diced, granulated and more. In collaboration with its international industrial and trade customers, the company develops plant blends tailored to the needs of pets and livestock. These are packed in big bags, sacks and cardboard boxes or small containers.

Kräuter Mix is a registered manufacturer and supplier to the feed industry and trade, and holds the GMP+ B1 certification relevant to the animal feed sector.


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