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Lucky-Pet,  Wolf's Nature, Fresh Beef & Biscuit

Lucky-Pet,  Wolf's Nature, Fresh Beef & Biscuit

Natural dog food is a top priority for the owner-operated company Lucky-Pet, whose brands Wolf's Nature (extruded) and Fresh Beef & Biscuit (baked) are recommended for expanding the range.

Wolf's Nature Grainfree varieties come in interesting flavours. Adult, Junior, Senior and Light menus cater to customers' desire for top-quality products, while the mandatory food quality of the Norwegian lines with a very limited range of only five to eight ingredients is also perfect for dogs with allergies. The meat is sourced directly from the producer and carefully selected.

Fresh Beef & Biscuit is baked in the traditional manner from pure, fresh beef with potatoes or vegetables, fruit and grain. It has become increasingly popular since it was launched.

Lucky-Pet is currently in a very expansive phase, with plenty of new and interesting products in the treat and toy category also - food and accessories that are based on nature, healthy and species-appropriate.


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