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Goood: sustainable from field to food bowl

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"Together we are changing the world," is the motto of Goood. The young Bavarian brand, a recipient of the Ethical Award, champions premium dog food of natural origin that is good for dogs and the planet. "More and more dog owners want to feed their pets with a clear conscience. We have to create the prerequisites for this," says Goood product manager Andreas Müller. This is why only high-quality, certified meat from animals reared outdoors, sustainable fish from species-appropriate breeding, select vital elements and regional vegetables are used for all product varieties. Improved recipes and a new look now enable customers to see for themselves how key objectives such as regional sourcing, social engagement, animal welfare and environmental and climate protection are advanced. "We don't travel to the end of the earth for our ingredients, but our commitment extends that far." For every kilo of Goood, therefore, a #DoGoood initiative is supported, such as training sheepdogs: "By doing this, we enable children in Togo to attend school rather than tending animals." 29 100 trees have already been planted worldwide to offset carbon emissions.


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