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Company of Animals

The Company of Animals is building a strong worldwide presence as it capitalizes on the growing interest in humane dog training pro­ducts by consumers across the globe, reflecting the fact people are moving away from negative training tools such as shock collars and are looking to build positive relationships with their dogs. Started in the UK in 1979 by world renowned animal psychologist Dr Roger Mugford, the Company of Animals is based at the same location as Dr Mugford's Animal Behavior Centre that provides a broad range of dog training programmes from puppy classes to full rehabilitation. This unique environment combined with Dr Mugford's universal experience, which includes training the Queen's Corgis, provided the inspirational drivers for products such as the original HALTI Headcollar and the revolutionary Baskerville ULTRA Muzzle. Designed for both the everyday dog owner and the professional trainer, the company now sells its comprehensive range of dog accessories and training products in over 50 countries worldwide.At Interzoo in May the company launched its new everyday HALTI Walking range, a range of leads, collars and harnesses that comes in four vibrant colours with a smart reflective webbing and features the same quality and functionality that has made HALTI a favourite with dog owners for over 35 years. www.companyofanimals.co.uk


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