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Entering the European market

EQ-Dog, accessories for dogs

More than ten years of experience within the canine equipment industry has led CEO Kjell-Arne Engeseth to launch EQ-Dog. Kjell-Arne has been a pioneer in setting standards in this industry, utilising the synergy between outdoor activities for dogs and humans and launching float coats and shoes/boots for dogs into the European market. He has now taken a step further by offering products developed and designed with your best friend in mind. Working with vets to make sure that the equipment is not only safe but also very comfortable and manufactured to the highest standards, EQ-Dog is now providing accessories for dogs of all sizes. From harnesses and leashes to toys, EQ-Dog has all the necessities for everyday life with your dog, and the specialised items needed for canine adventures too.

Today EQ-Dog is a team of eight passionate and dedicated dog lovers with unique experience derived from many years in the dog gear business. They are located in five different countries throughout Europe, with a head office in Denmark and a warehouse in central Germany. 

With a shared love and passion for dogs, Kjell-Arne and EQ-Dog are working to bring you the best dog gear products in the industry for you and your dog, taking care of man's best friend.


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