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Driving sustainable change at animonda

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For animonda, sustainability means that the company is committed to acting responsibly with respect to the environment and natural resources, ensuring fair working conditions and embracing social responsibility. "Dealing with people and material resources in a responsible way is of the utmost importance to us at animonda, which is why we have made the issue of sustainability an integral part of our day-to-day business," says sustainability manager Julia Wynarski.

The company is actively pushing ahead with its commitment to sustainability and underlines this with the certification of the ZNU standard. It is the only tried-and-tested, holistic and certifiable standard that promotes and supports the development of an integrated management system for more sustainable business practices. "We are delighted that animonda has implemented and consistently developed its sustainability management system in accordance with our ZNU standard with such a high level of commitment," said Dr Axel Kölle and Dr Christian Geßner of the ZNU.


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