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Dosing & weighing technology

KSE is the supplier of Alfra dosing and weighing systems - the machines with which companies in the powder, granulates and liquid processing industry can measure any product safely, flexibly and efficiently. This applies to micro, medium and macro components in all quantities. The dose range of an Alfra machine may vary from 1 gram to 10,000 kilograms. KSE supplies machines for each step within a process, from the intake of raw materials to solutions for the distribution of the finished product. Purchasing an Alfra machine is a good long-term investment: the systems usually have a fifty-year service life.

Nearly 80 years' proven experience in dosing all types of powders, grains and pellets is your guarantee that the Alfra Dosing Slide will meet your accuracy, capacity and reliability requirements. Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, it combines very accurate dosing and high capacity with extremely reliable operation. Next to that it offers the solution for dosing fragile products. Gentle dosing based on gravity in combination with the fixed lower grid and moving upper grid virtually eliminates pellet damage. It is ideal for feed pellets, pet food kibbles and seeds.To ensure that the slide works as efficiently and as effectively as possible, the 'self-learning' Alfra dose&weigh software is designed to become smarter as you use it. The software builds up an extensive database of external influences on dosing characteristics. In this way, it reduces the dependency on the know-how or skills of specific people, and ensures that your feed is made with a consistent quality. By using this self-learning software, you not only optimise the dosing and weighing process, but optimise the whole process from the intake to the output.




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