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Companion animals as core business


Candioli Farmaceutici was founded in 1882 by Dr Attilio Candioli. Initially the business focused on products for human use (anti-lice MOM powder, which became the first medical device in Italy in 1938). In 1946, Cesare, Attilio Candioli's son, entered the veterinary field with the successful Horse Selection product range. Today, companion animals are the core business of the company, which focuses on dogs, cats, horses and birds. 

With over 130 years of experience, Candioli is underpinned by 3 fundamental pillars: new, innovative products, quality and people. Its goal is to be the first Italian company to become a global player in the veterinary health market through expansion in Europe, America and Asia. At present Candioli's products are distributed in more than 30 countries apart from Italy.

An extensive review of the company organisation in 2012 led to two main results:

1. Award of GMP certification for feed additives (in addition to the GMP certificate for pharmaceuticals,  a milestone in the company's history)

2. Patented LAS, an innovative compound for dermatological use in both the veterinary (Actea range) and human fields (Sebolas products).

Candioli is growing because of its global approach to the market, supporting key products with clinical trials and GMP certification, which has also led to several agreements for private label manufacturing.

Candioli timeline:

1962: Authorisation to produce registered products for veterinary and human use

2001: ISO 9001:2008 certification

2013: GMP certification for feed additives

2014: Use of animal proteins certification


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