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Smulders Wholesale BV, has been the specialist wholesaler and trading partner for many important brands in the aquarium and pond sectors in Holland since 1973. Smulders organises the sale of the premium feed brand O.S.I. in the whole of Europe. More than 20 years ago, Smulders Wholesale started the production of their own premium products under the HS aqua label (formerly HS Products) for aquaria and Kinshi for garden ponds and sells these products worldwide. Here HS aqua and Kinshi differentiate themselves from other brands not only through the modern and innovative design of the packaging but also through consistent loyalty to specialist retailers and good profit margins. Supplies are only delivered to specialist stores with commercial premises, normal opening times and live animals. This is the only way in which stores specialising in the sale of live animals, which the whole industry is dependent on, can be guaranteed a good profit margin. HS aqua is proud of the fact that their products are consistently better than those of their competitors. This can be seen, for example, in a complete fertiliser (HS aqua FloraCarbo) with trace elements and a non-toxic carbon source, so that the tiresome chore of giving a daily dosage is unnecessary, or probably the fastest bacterial start culture in the industry, as the bacteria in HS aqua Bacto are already adapted to the conditions in the aquarium. Also marine products, like a complete range of highly concentrated professional salts for the experienced coral keeper, are part of the product range. Under the Kinshi label, Smulders Wholesale produce, as well as the fast action bacteria, high tech filters for koi ponds and a range of high quality koi food, that in contrast to other similar products, is produced without genetically modified soya.


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