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ZOLUX, biscuits for dogs

This particularly appetising new range of biscuits for dogs by ZOLUX is made in France and comAes in four varieties. These tasty and crunchy biscuits complete Zolux's Happy Time range of treats. They will satisfy the taste buds of dogs thanks to their various flavours and different shapes and textures. Each bag weighs 400 g, and treats are available in two shapes and two flavours (bone-shaped biscuits are free of colouring agents):


  • bone-shaped biscuits with beef
  • bone-shaped biscuits with poultry
  • poultry-filled mini biscuits
  • beef-filled mini biscuits
  • You can give these biscuits to your dog as a reward, or just to satisfy his appetite for a treat. Happy Time treats stay fresher longer thanks to the convenient, resealable "fresh pack" packaging.




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