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Action rather than words

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German pet food manufacturer BEWITAL petfood does not highlight sustainability in its communications. "We care about environmental protection because we are committed to it, not because the advertising impact is paramount," explains managing director Dr Jürgen Wigger. For its BELCANDO and LEONARDO brands, for example, BEWITAL has developed a particularly environmentally friendly process for producing dry food from fresh meat. The project, which saves around 30 per cent of CO2 emissions and a significant volume of water compared with conventional products, was supported by the environmental innovation programme of the Federal Environment Ministry. According to the company, this demonstrates that the process is an extraordinary achievement in the sphere of environmental protection. In addition,BEWITAL generates its own power from photovoltaic installations, using eco-friendly cogeneration to produce heat and power, while the remaining electricity requirement is satisfied by hydropower. Rather than being implemented in isolation, these and countless other measures have been part of a certified environmental management system conforming to the DIN 14001 standard for more than ten years.


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