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66 years of Leiber brewer's yeast history

Leiber, products made from brewer's yeast , Sustainability

At Leiber, sustainability is the business model that has been in place for more than six decades: "We process the by-products from breweries, brewer's yeast and spent grains, to produce excellent, high-quality products that are used in animal nutrition, food and biotechnology and also in the healthcare sector," says the company. Leiber is already contributing to sustainability through its business model alone, therefore.

Economical use of electrical energy and heat energy form an integral part of the corporate strategy. With its own biogas plant and two turbines, the company generates around 35 per cent of the electricity and around 10 per cent of the thermal energy it needs.

"We at Leiber" looks back on the company's long brewer's yeast history with a large amount of pride: "Sensitised by our awareness of sustainability, we look to a future that will continue to give us the drive to produce high-quality and sustainable brewer's yeast products for our customers." This is what "We at Leiber" stands for - healthy and environmentally friendly products made from brewer's yeast for humans, animals and agriculture. This has been the company's passion since 1954.


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