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40 years of experience in making professional pet foods

Tropical  Tadeusz Ogrodnik, professional pet foods

TROPICAL Tadeusz Ogrodnik is one of the world's leading manufacturers in the pet product market. The company has been manufacturing high-quality pet products for 40 years and its varied range includes an extensive line of diverse water treatment products and foods for ornamental fish (aquarium and pond), reptiles, amphibians, fertilisers for aquatic and ornamental plants and Tropifit foods for small mammals and birds. The company is also famous for its high-quality foods for dogs (TropiDog) and cats (TropiCat). Continuous improvements and innovative solutions have made Tropical one of the most technologically advanced producers on the pet market. The company owns one of the world's most modern production lines, which enables it to manufacture foods with unique properties such as very small granules (0.5 mm in diameter).

All products are of the highest quality, as proven by ISO and HACCP certificates. TROPICAL foods are eagerly used and recommended by world-famous aquarium experts and known fish breeders as well as hobbyists. At the moment they are exported to more than 70 countries all around the globe. 

The excellence of its formulas and the passion put into their development are what gives Tropical its competitive edge. www.tropical.pl


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