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Flag Italy

Dolce vita in Italy

The positive trend continues for the dog and cat food market.




WINNER Pet Food Solution srl

The ingredients make the difference!

Health, well-being and vitality: this is the message that Winner... View article...


Flag USA

Focus on USA

Manufacturers and suppliers from the USA


West Paw

West Paw: Dog's best friend

Dogs bring happiness, comfort, love and lightness into human's... View article...


Flag France

Focus on France

France is renowned globally for baguettes, the Eiffel Tower and the mellifluous language - but its pet supplies sector has plenty to offer too. Here we feature a selection of companies and their products.



Bad breath isn't inevitable

If a pet suffers from bad breath, the main causes in 80 per cent... View article...


Le Closeau

High-quality pet food producer

More than just an important European rodent breeding centre, located... View article...


Flag Denmark

Belgium: A significant pet market in Western Europe 

43 per cent of the Belgian population has at least one pet, according to market researchers.



Vadigran Birds Patees

Why give patee to birds? It is essential to give birds a quality... View article...

Great Britain

Flag Denmark

Modest growth in sales 

The British pet food market remains steady. Some categories even saw modest growth in 2017.



The future of pet care is connected

Sure Petcare, the pet technology specialist, celebrated its 10th... View article...

Czech Republic and Slovakia

  • Flag Czech Republic and Slovakia

Focus on Czech Republic and Slovakia

The pet care segment is gaining pace as economic growth remains robust in 2018. A positive outlook is expected.


Plaček Pet Products

Great margin value for retailers

Ontario was established in 2004 when the brand started producing... View article...


Vafo Praha

Vafo Praha: The win-win pet food partner

Founded in 1994, Vafo Praha has experienced consistent growth... View article...


Flag Sweden

Steady growth in the far north

The pet supplies market in the Scandinavian country is growing at nearly two per cent per year on average.  


Magnusson Petfood

Swedish pet food of human grade quality

Magnusson Petfood is a family-owned producer of oven-baked super-premium... View article...


  • Flag Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

From Benelux to the whole world

The Benelux states, consisting of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, are home to a large number of pet product manufacturers of international renown. Here PET worldwide presents some of these manufacturers.


Smulders B.V.

HQ aquarium and pond products

HS aqua and Kinshi are branded products for aquarium and koi hobbyists... View article...


N. Mol B.V.

Our craftsmanship, your brand, your image

N. Mol B.V. is a leading private label manufacturer of high-quality... View article...


Prins Petfoods

Prins: quality produced in the Netherlands

Prins Petfoods specialises in 100 per cent natural dog and cat... View article...


Laroy Group ,

House of brands and home for pets

The Belgian pet supplies specialist Laroy Group started out more... View article...


Beaphar BV

Passionate about pets for 75 years

Beaphar BV, a leading international family company with Dutch... View article...


Flag France

Focus on France

France is renowned globally for baguettes, the Eiffel Tower and the mellifluous language - but its pet supplies sector has plenty to offer too. Here we feature a selection of French companies and their products.



New Dog Generation range

French market leader CHADOG DIFFUSION tries hard to offer its... View article...



High-quality pet food producer

More than an important European rodent breeding centre, located... View article...


Swees International.

Safer, gentler, easier to use, more effective

You love everything about your pet except the shedding. Wouldn't... View article...



Appetising rewards for dogs

This particularly appetising new range of biscuits for dogs by... View article...



Biogance, The French Green Pet Care specialist

BIOGANCE is a French green pet care manufacturer of high-premium... View article...


Flag Poland

According to Euromonitor International, pet care in Poland had a growth of 5.7 per cent between 2015/2016. The number of dogs and cats is increasing, as is average expenditure on pets and the amount of industrially-prepared food.


Tropical Tadeusz Ogrodnik

40 years of experience in making professional pet foods

TROPICAL Tadeusz Ogrodnik is one of the world's leading manufacturers... View article...


Flag Denmark

The Spanish pet supplies market is worth nearly 1.5 bn € and is one of the smaller pet supplies markets in Europe. However, it has experienced a host of changes in recent years.


Propet and Iberzoo

Spain's leading trade fair

Propet and Iberzoo have merged to create Spain's leading trade... View article...



YOUPET - Your Pet Accessories Brand

YOUPET is a young company created in 2010 that has quickly managed... View article...



Natural, semi-moist snacks with 70 per cent fresh meat

Delidog is a medium-sized company that is well established in... View article...



The widest range of pet food with real fresh meat

Cotecnica is a leading Spanish company, located close to Barce­lona,... View article...

Great Britain

Flag Denmark

Sales grew in the British pet supplies market last year. Pets are established family members and as such are cared for, spoiled and given presents. We present two of the main suppliers in the British pet supplies sector below.



Scruffs® Luxurious Dog Bedding

Established in 2005, Scruffs is now firmly established as one... View article...


Company of Animals

From the Queen's Corgis to Global Brand

The Company of Animals is building a strong worldwide presence... View article...

Denmark: Gateway to Scandinavia

Flag Denmark

The pet supplies market in Denmark is making good progress. Dog- and cat-related business in particular is bringing a smile tothe faces of manufacturers and retailers. Market analysts say that there is also a growing trend towards high-quality accessories. Here we present some of the main domestic suppliers in the Danish pet supplies sector.



Premium food from Denmark

Kingsmoor has formulated a premium line of food products for dogs... View article...



Entering the European market

More than ten years of experience within the canine equipment... View article...



The Eldorado Group ... one of the leading suppliers in Scandinavia, carrying a... View article...

Italy: Dolce vita in Italy

Flag Italy

Sales grew in the Italian pet supplies market last year. This was due in part to the increased awareness by pet owners of the needs of their pets, prompting the decision to buy premium and super-premium products, but also to the innovations and innovative products of Italian companies. Here we present some of the main domestic suppliers in the Italian pet supplies sector.



Companion animals as core business

Candioli Farmaceutici was founded in 1882 by Dr Attilio Candioli.... View article...


Winner Plus

Winner Plus, natural food as nature intended

Synonymous with health, wealth and vitality, the Natural Nutrition... View article...

The Netherlands: A positive trend

Flag The Netherlands

Pets are established family members in the Netherlands and as such are cared for, spoiled and given presents. The Dutch pet supplies sector is accordingly a dynamic one. Sector experts assume that the market, which boasts a significant number of manufacturers, wholesalers and importers, will continue to develop positively in the future too. We present some of the main suppliers in the Dutch pet supplies sector below.


Farm Food

The more natural the better!

Farm Food is a family-owned business located in Nijverdal in the... View article...


Witte Molen

270 years of experience

The story of Witte Molen started more than 270 years ago in... View article...


Smulders Wholesale

Aquariums and garden ponds in focus

Smulders Wholesale BV, has been the specialist wholesaler and... View article...



Sustainable pet food ingredients

Sonac produces valuable and essential ingredients for the production... View article...


Prins Petfoods

Natural pet foods for dog and cat

Prins Petfoods is a family-owned pet food manufacturer from the... View article...



Dosing & weighing technology

KSE is the supplier of Alfra dosing and weighing systems - the... View article...


Teeling Petfood

"We enjoy your company"

Teeling Petfood is your complete supplier for own-brand cat and... View article...


N. Mol B.V.

Top quality and service are the key to success

N. Mol B.V. is a leading manufacturer of high-quality leather... View article...

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