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  • Comment
  • 3Cat food still offers scope for innovation

  • Markets
  • 14Pet products are among the goods with the highest proportion of private labels.

    16New study from GlobalData looking at the pet-owner ratio.

  • Distribution
  • 17Tierkönig is a new pet retail player in Austria.

    18The pet retail chain Das Futterhaus celebrates its 30th anniversary.

    20Amazon builds a head of steam in US retailing

  • Focus
  • 36Cat food - The cat food category is a billion dollar market.

    38Cat food - Treats drive sales growth in Europe.

    40Cat food - Leading pet supplies retailers talk about their cat food business.

  • Country report
  • 22Benelux states - The growth rates of pet products are higher in Belgium than in the Netherlands.

  • Events
  • 48Visitors to Pats Telford can expect a busy show.

  • Suppliers
  • 28Big house fair at Trixie.

    30Lily’s Kitchen is one of the fastest-growing private businesses in the UK.

    32The UK-based company Long Paws designs its own range of outdoor gear for active pets and their owners.

    34Solid Gold is a pioneer of natural pet food in the USA.

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