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Plaček Group in Riga
Plaček Group in Riga
Plaček Group in Riga
Plaček Group in Riga

Plaček Group

Plaček Group keeps on expanding

A share in another Czech pet store chain and the opening of its first mega store in Riga as expansion proceeds apace at the Plaček Group. View article...

PET Buyers' Guide

PET Buyers' Guide

The PET Buyers' Guide is an indispensable aid for the assortment management in pet shops, pet sales and garden retailers.

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Table of contents

  • Comment
  • 3Ray of hope for a challenged country

  • Distribution
  • 18Plaček Group keeps on expanding.

    20The Suzirya Group from Ukraine held its two-day Open House fair in Kharkiv.

  • Focus
  • 36Dog food - The international dog food market remains an interesting and dynamic segment.

  • Country report
  • 46Italy - Italians love pets, and that’s the reason why the pet supplies sector saw growth in terms of sales and tonnage in 2016.

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Dähne Statistik pet

Actual economic data

Dähne Statistik pet
It provides all the key performance indicators for the PET industry as per 31.12. 2014.
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