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International Pet Conference 2016

International Pet Conference 2016

11/12 October 2016

Hotel Santos Porta Fira Barcelona

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Exploring new horizons

How companies in the pet product business can expand their activities

Hot topics: 

  • Exciting Eastern Europe 
  • How e-commerce will rock the pet retail sector
  • More than just mountains: The pet market in Austria
  • The rising power of the consumer in the digital age
  • From omnichannel formats to pop-up stores





Torsten Roeller, Founder, Owner and Chairman, Fressnapf

Torsten Toeller

Founder, Owner and

Chairman Fressnapf

Polina Kosharna, Director + Co-Owner, Suzirja Company Group

Polina Kosharna

Director + Co-Owner 

Suzirja Company Group

Alvaro Gutierrez

Owner and CEO


Kerstin Schmeiduch

Director Legal Affairs

and Corporate Communications

Nestlé Purina EMENA

Cristi Pop, Owner, Animax/Pet Product

Cristi Pop


Animax/Pet Product

Dušan Plaček

Owner and CEO

Plaček Group

Norbert Steinwidder, Managing Director, Das Futterhaus Austria

Norbert Steinwidder

Managing Director

Das Futterhaus Austria

Maarten Leyts, Founder/CEO, Trendwolves

Maarten Leyts



Katya Witham, Senior Food and Drink Analyst, Mintel

Katya Witham

Senior Food and

Drink Analyst Mintel 


  • Vitakraft
  • Purina

An event jointly organised by

Dähne Verlag