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Small animal range now in the supermarket sector

Burgess Pet Care

One of the best-selling products is Long Stem Feeding Hay, cultivated locally on a farm in Yorkshire, according to Burgess Pet Care.

Burgess Pet Care, the pet food manufacturer based in Yorkshire, is introducing a selection of products from its Burger small animal range into the supermarket sector.
The move is part of Burgess Pet Care's mission to increase awareness of the correct nutrition for small animals. The latest report by the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) revealed that 25 per cent of rabbit owners are still feeding their pets muesli, although a review by experts of the results of research showed that muesli increases the risk of a number of health problems in rabbits.
The Burgess Excel range is recommended by 92 per cent of British veterinarians, according to the company.


|12 January 2018


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