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Dog food sales slowed over 2015-2017

Premiumisation, innovation and strategies towards higher specific value in dog food will be key to encouraging value growth.

According to Euromonitor International, year-on-year growth in dog food sales slowed over 2015-2017. Much of this was due to an increase in urban living coupled with a slow recovery from the financial crisis. A decline in the overall dog population in some markets, such as France and the UK, as well as a shift towards smaller dogs has affected volume sales. Dog food manufacturers have responded by devising premiumisation strategies with added value offerings. Increasing segmentation is a key element in such strategies, with breed-, life-style- and age-specific products as well as the offer of multifunctional properties.

Paula Flores, head of pet care at Euromonitor International, comments: "Dog food is largely comprised of premium pet food, particularly in North America, where niche products often experience fast growth. This was the case with freeze-dried and raw foods, which are perceived as more natural and capturing growth." The UK, France, Italy and Germany will remain the biggest markets for dog food in western Europe. Dog treats and premium non-therapeutic wet and dry dog food have the strongest potential for further positive growth within dog food over the forecast period.

Paula Flores continued: "In the UK, dog food is expected to follow a similar trend to the one experienced in 2016 and 2017. Due to socioeconomic factors, including decreasing household sizes, small dogs are expected to account for a 59% share of the total dog population by 2022."

| 6 November 2017


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